Utrecht to set Labour Market Agenda

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Art’92 will organize the Labour Market Agenda Work Conference in Utrecht on Monday 21 January 2019, 13.00 – 18.00 at Tivoli, Utrecht

If you are you a writer or a translator, work at a publishing house, or a literary festival or elsewhere in the cultural or creative sector?

Why not come along and see what is happening when they show how working towards the new normal in the cultural and creative sector will be the way forward?

Where it started

“Beauty, design, truth, interpretation, emotion, amusement. They focus on such goals, the workers in our domain to which the arts, the heritage sector, the libraries, the designers’ world and partly the media belong. For some it still seems trivial and almost inappropriate to speak to them about matters such as: fees, copyrights, fees, training, collective Labour agreements or business models. Yet this contradiction – between substantive commitment and lack of material appreciation – forms the basis for the most important bottlenecks in the Labour market of this sector.”

This is the introduction to the Labour Market Agenda for the cultural and creative sector that was presented on November 14, 2017 to the then new Minister. We are now over a year further on and a great number of people have worked hard together to put this agenda forward.

The Work Conference Agenda will hope to see the community  working towards the new normal: fair remuneration, professionalisation and space for entrepreneurship for all those makers and potential makers in the cultural and creative sector.

So what are they going to do on January 21?

They want to see a commitment towards working together with concrete plans to improve the position on the Labour market.

To start conversations with people inside and outside the culture sector about change in practice.

You will also be able to learn more about the latest version of the Fair Practice Code and the Fair Practice Scan.

If you are:

A maker or potential maker in the cultural and creative sector

Employed at a fund, municipality or ministry

Representative or member of professional associations, trade unions, trade associations, umbrella organizations

In a different way involved in the position of the cultural and creative sector in the Labour market

This event will be for you.

After opening speakers there will be a chance to take part in “Table Talks” and to see what this will entail look here.

there will be a series of Panel conversations:

Panel 1: Perspective on the changing labor market: the outlook

Participants: Mei Li Vos (Director AVV), Henriëtte Prast (professor of personal financial planning at the University of Tilburg) and Bart Drenth (chairman Pictoright and acting director of the library Amstelland) .

Panel 2: What actually happens on the floor: the view from the inside

Participants: Marene Elgershuizen (Platform Musicians), Andreas Fleischmann (Meervaart) and Kevin de Randamie (Braenworks), Freek van den Bergh (photojournalist).

If you wish to attend then sign up here 

The conference offers a good opportunity to take stock for the first time after a year of work.

Are they on the right track?

Have they made any progress?

Do they have sufficient insight into the possibilities and the obstacles?

The conference is your chance to find out and it is a unique starting point for a whole series of new initiatives.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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