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Utrecht Go West on Cultural Sunday

Last updated 2 years ago by Jon Wilkins

Cultural Sunday with Go West showed that Utrecht is more than just the centre of the city. Local residents and initiatives from Lombok, New England, Oog in Al, Halve Maan, Schepenbuurt, Welgelegen and the Cartesius and Werkspoorgebied areas told us about the past, present and future of this bustling area. In a programme with film, exhibitions, poetry, lectures, theater, excursions and music, a broad and diverse audience was introduced to the fascinating area that is Utrecht-West. The various events gave a glimpse into future developments in the area and aroused curiosity amongst the many visitors.

The highlights of this latest cultural sunday were that the Werkspoorkwartier had its own map. The map put the many creative places in the area on paper and challenged visitors to explore. The artists from creative incubator De Nijverheid gave visitors a festive introduction to their workplace, in the Werkspoorfabriek De Stadstuin and Museum van Zuilen gave a preview of their new home and in Central Studios the public was introduced to the new function of this building as a centre for film and image culture De Machinerie. Among others, ‘t Hoogt On Tour, the Dutch Film Festival and FOTODOK lifted the veil on their work. The CAB building functioned as a meeting place for young and old with music, cooking workshops and bus excursions, among other things. Music complex dB’s also officially kicked off its 25-year anniversary with the presentation of their anniversary beer Distorter.

The former Opera Garden at Landhuis Rhijnlust was revived for the first time. OperaUtrecht gave a heart-warming performance in a homely atmosphere. In Kopi Susu, Troubamour Theatre Group recalled Lombok and concluded their performance with a neighbourhood party on the square of the Antonius Church.

A special location this Sunday was the Ulu Mosque. The prayer house received hundreds of visitors with open arms for a tour. Because of the nice weather Molen de Ster moved its programme outside, where the legacy of the only remaining sawmill in the Netherlands was celebrated.

Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.


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