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Tree replanting agreement in Utrecht

Last updated 2 years ago by Michael Darmanin

The city council of Utrecht has decided that they must obey the General Local Regulation (APV) and are now obligated to introduce a series of tree replanting. Every fallen tree in Utrecht Province will soon be replaced by a new one which is good news for all of us who enjoy the sight of our trees in full bloom.

It was proposed by the Party for the Animals who hope to keep the number of trees to a basic minimum standard. Eva van Esch, a council member said in an interview that the new policy should work right away, however, due to the law, it would have to be put into practice 5 weeks from the date of the publication of the agreement which was on 28th September.

Van Esch also mentioned that when a citizen at the moment applied for permission to cut down a tree, they could declare whether they wanted their tree to be replanted. Under this new agreement what was an option, now becomes an obligation which is great news for those in Utrecht who want a greener landscape.

The new policy takes into account the number of trees that are standing. Alterra, an institution for environment in Wageningen, is going to help the Utrecht Municipality to investigate how one can determine the value of a tree based on its quality and to then, plant a new tree to make sure that there are enough standing. I’m not sure how they will judge the value of a tree. Hopefully it will include the fact that it is healthy and the roots are not undermining the buildings and roads!

The process is going to start at neighbourhood level and then to district level before it spreads into the whole municipality of Utrecht.

The goal of it is to make Utrecht greener and help to resist climate change.

Are you happy with the amount of trees being planted in Utrecht?

Do you want to see more wooded areas in the city and region/

Do you think that more trees help the environment?

How do you value a tree?

Do let us know your views.

I am Vietnamese and now going for my bachelor degree in Utrecht. I participate in a lot of activities including school and Vietnamese students association. I love to travel around and share my thoughts about my adventures during my stay in the Netherlands.


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Tree replanting agreement in Utrecht

The city council of Utrecht has decided that they must obey the General Local Regulation (APV) and are now obligated to introduce a series...

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