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The Nederlands Film Festival is becoming an international phenomenon

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The Nederlands Film Festival seems to be going more global every year. With over 50 film screenings and more than a 100 events in all, it offers the largest selection of Dutch audio/visual productions accessible to English speaking visitors in the world. It’s a fact; for the first time ever, a majority of the films will be shown with English subtitles. Of course, some films are English spoken.

Utrecht, 20 September 2017. The 37th Nederlands Film Festival 2017. The Festival pavilion at the Neude. Photo: 31pictures.nl / (c) 2017, www.31pictures.nl

The NFF takes place in Utrecht between 27 September and 5 October. During the nine days of the festival, the public and professionals are catered to their needs. Tickets are now available at filmfestival.nl/en

A selection of English-subtitled Dutch blockbusters from the NFF the previous year are expected to be focal point such as titles like The Resistance Banker, Wild Amsterdam and Cobain. Also, a number of premieres including Open Seas, The Voice of Holland, Light as Feathers and My Foolish Heart will all be accessible and comprehensible to non-Dutch speakers. An equally strong selection of documentaries for instance Hoop & Heimwee, The Greenaway Alphabet and Independent Boy will also be available for your viewing pleasure.

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there for our beloved English speaking audience. The NFF Interactive Expo is an additional daily attraction that will show the ten most prominent productions running for a Golden Calf. Several international debates and discussions will also be held for both professionals and enthusiasts led by pioneers in their profession. Honorable mentions include award winning game designer Adriaan de Jongh, Kubrick producer Jan Harlan, and Director of Photography Jörg Widmer. Undoubtedly, English spoken conferences like the Our Brave New World Sessions should be of interest to a more intellectual selection of the public.

The target audience of the Nederlands Film Festival this year is largely specific this year. Expats, international students, tourists and other interested audiences are invited to indulge in the many wonders Dutch cinema has to offer. Festival spokesperson Reinier Vriend is delighted to be leading this initiative: “Utrecht is a distinctly international city, in a distinctly international country. Outside of the festival, there is very little access to Dutch film and television for non-Dutch speakers, whereas this group is particularly keen to understand more of the culture and appreciate art. We want everyone to feel welcome at the festival. With this year’s campaign, we want to get the message out there: the Nederlands Film Festival is an international event that offers a treasure trove of essential Dutch cultural productions, whether you speak Dutch or not.”

Utrecht – Revealing of the Golden Tiles with Hannah Hoekstra and Issaka Sawadogo. Photo by Desiree Schippers

Utrecht – NFF17. Carice van Houten takes the Red Carpet Photo by Desiree Schippers

Good to know is that screenings and events for English speakers will be marked with the tag ‘NFF English’. English speaking visitors are also encouraged to participate in the NFF Professionals Programme which will be held between 28 September to 1 October. Now follows is a list of recommended cinematic works for our esteemed guests:

Thursday 27 September:
Premiere opening film: Open Seas (Niemand in de Stad), 19:00

Friday 28 September:
Independent Boy, 16:15
The Resistance Banker (Bankier van het verzet), 20:15
Catacomb (Catacombe), 22:15

Saturday 29 September:
Masterclass Jan Harlan – Music as a Scripting Tool, 10:00
We (Wij), 17:00
Premiere: The Voice of Holland (Sprekend Nederland), 19:00
Beyond Words, 21:00

Sunday 30 September:
Living the Light – Robby Müller, 15:30
Messi and Maud (La Holandesa), 18:45
Crash course game design Adriaan de Jongh, 19:00
Light as Feathers, 21.15

Monday 1 October:
The Pilot’s Mask (Pilotenmasker), 16:15
Yesterday (Tegnap), 20:00
The Disciples – A Street Opera, 21:15

Tuesday 2 October:
ANNE+, 17:00
Hoop & Heimwee, 19:15
Cobain, 22:00

Wednesday 3 October:
Rafaël, 13:30
Wild Amsterdam (De wilde stad), 16:30
Love Revisited (Oude liefde), 19:00

Thursday 4 Oct:
Love is potatoes (Liefde is aardappelen), 16:00
Younger Days (Kleine ijstijd), 19:15
The Greenaway Alphabet, 21:30

Daily free access:
– NFF Interactive Expo – (28 Sept – 5 Oct)
– Music programme, with a. o. Kypski, Three Little Clouds and Prace

For tickets and the full programme, please visit the International section of the NFF website.

Main image credit: 31pictures.nl / (c) 2017, www.31pictures.nl

Michael Darmanin
Michael Darmanin
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