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The ‘Eyes Man’ would make for the ideal husband right?

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Forget the “boobs man” or the “ass man”, a new type of man has emerged: the “eyes man”. It’s true, for the majority of men, the eyes have proven to be the most alluring feature of the female body, along with a woman’s associated intelligence.

These are the results of an online survey conducted by Utrecht University, commissioned by the Volkskrant. The questionnaire was completed by more than 3500 men, mostly with college or university degrees, and born in the Netherlands.

[gard align=”right”]Men were found to fall for a “natural” and “radiant” look. B-cup breasts were deemed sufficient, and make-up thought to be unnecessary.

UU professor and lead researcher Liesbeth Woertman specialises in the psychology of appearance, and is surprised by the importance that men attach to intelligence. She knows of no other study so far where this value so explicitly emerges.

The second most important trait was sweetness, or kindness. Cheerful, independent women with a sense of humour also scored highly.

Bianca Marland
My name is Bianca Marland and I am an author for UtrechtCentral.com. Hope you do enjoy my articles!


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The ‘Eyes Man’ would make for the ideal husband right?

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