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Squatters in empty Utrecht office

Last updated 2 years ago by Michael Darmanin

The empty office building at Eendrachtlaan 10 in Utrecht has been taken over by squatters. The owners intention was that the building would be demolished early next year to be redeveloped into housing in the Merwedekanaalzone. According to neighbours the number of people staying there varies, from 15 to 25 at any one time.

In front of the office building on Eendrachtlaan, the squatters have hung a banner which is signed by Woongroep ALU, about the demolition of the building. The squatters have written on the banner that they are in need to find accommodation and workspace in Utrecht and are unable to do this because of the explosion in rents.

In early 2019, the renovation of the building will start. The squatters would prefer to stay on until then, but have also said that they do not want to get in the way of any formal housing plans. The housing shortage in Utrecht is visible to everyone, so they want to see change and to be part of that change.

What do you think?

Is squatting the right way to beat the housing shortage?

What is the answer in the city to the lack of affordable housing?

Should there be more social housing?

Image credit: The legendary Squat Ubica that used to be situated at the Ganzenmarkt by Kattenkruid [GFDL or CC BY 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

I am Vietnamese and now going for my bachelor degree in Utrecht. I participate in a lot of activities including school and Vietnamese students association. I love to travel around and share my thoughts about my adventures during my stay in the Netherlands.


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Squatters in empty Utrecht office

The empty office building at Eendrachtlaan 10 in Utrecht has been taken over by squatters. The owners intention was that the building would be demolished...

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