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Private security cameras and the AVG law

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Nobody expects unwanted intruders in and around the house but burglaries and hostage situations happens every day somewhere in the world. The solution you’d think is to hang CCTV around your home to prevent such situations from occurring, but the AVG law has certain rules in place when it comes to securing your home.

What is the AVG law?
The AVG law, known in English as the General data protection regulation, is a privacy law that applies throughout the European Union (EU). Thanks to the AVG, the protection of personal data in all EU countries is regulated in the same way and the same rules apply in each Member State.

The AVG law and private CCTV
In the Netherlands, you are not forbidden to use CCTV as a measure of protection against unwanted intruders on your private property however certain measures should be taken to ensure the [gard align=”right”]AVG law is not broken. So what rules apply with regards to CCTV? To keep things simple, your cameras may not point to any public places such as streets or walking pavements. Private property of people around you are also forbidden such as your neighbours home or other private institutions in your street. To stay within the rules, just make sure you are filming your own private property explicitly and you should be fine.

CCTV in and around Utrecht
You may have noticed CCTV in and around the city. For example most parts of the city center are under surveillance to prevent and register any kind of criminal activity. The same goes for certain districts and places like the Galgenwaard stadium and Utrecht Central station. The CCTV at such places is only accessible to police and the footage is saved for a maximum of 28 days before it is deleted. Good to know I suppose.

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Michael Darmanin
Michael Darmanin
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