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NFF film review: ANNE+

Last updated 2 years ago by Jon Wilkins

LGBTQ has always been such an interesting topic to me and ANNE+ is the movie that I have found the most interesting at the NFF this year.

Nederlands Film festival is an annual event at the end of September and beginning of October in Utrecht, but this is the first time I have been there to watch a movie. I walked to Louis Hartlooper Complex in less than 20 minutes from Utrecht Central Station. The theatre has a lovely retro vibe and looks pretty much high class. I sat in the café inside the theatre to wait for the starting time at 5pm.

I met Sabine, a very pretty Dutch girl and she was alone, just like me. I started asking her about her feelings about the movie. She said she was excited because most of the LGBTQ movies she watched were quite intense and she hoped this movie would not be like that.

Before ANNE+, we had a chance to watch a short-animated movie called A double Life by Job, Joris & Marieke. I am not going to spoil it, but it was super funny but also made me cry a little inside.

When ANNE+ started, I thought that the movie would be a long story about Anne and Lily as a cute, lovely couple who were studying in Amsterdam, but it was a series of five different relationships that Anne had during her studies at college.

Anne met her ex-girlfriend, Lily, when she moved into her new apartment in Amsterdam. After that, she started to look back on her love life. There were five women in total, every one was different just like the relationships with them and all of that contributed to who she was right now.

ANNE+ was the first LGBTQ movie that I have watched on the big screen that made lesbians or gay love seem equal and  normal. There were no dramatic or intense scenes, everything was just soft and chill. They had little jokes during the movie which made it subtle, enjoyable and lovely. I somehow felt relatable to her feelings and all her heartbreaks. Valerie Bisscheroux and her team have made a wonderful movie. The cast were all so talented that they made me felt like I was living in their stories, their world and feel the same feeling as theirs. I had a joyful afternoon thanks to ANNE+ and the NFF.

I am Vietnamese and now going for my bachelor degree in Utrecht. I participate in a lot of activities including school and Vietnamese students association. I love to travel around and share my thoughts about my adventures during my stay in the Netherlands.


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