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Living towards the start of the Tour de France Utrecht – Share your story!

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A new Tour de France initiative has arrived in the city of Utrecht. In preparation of its start on July 4th 2015, stories of Utrechters living on the route of the first stage will appear on the website www.tourdoorutrecht.com (Tour throughout Utrecht). What is special about their street? What is their ultimate Tour moment?

Introducing the Tour
Every Utrechter knows: The Tour de France starts in their city. A time trial of 13.7 kilometers (8.5 miles) will take the cyclists across the old city centre. But what streets will they actually come across? It’s less known.

In a series of 25 stories, Utrecht and the rest of the Netherlands, get to know the streets and residents of the Tour door Utrecht. These articles appear from mid-February to June on the website www.tourdoorutrecht.com. Everything has a tale. Sometimes a bit of history of the street, sometimes an interesting story or anecdote of a person.

We want your story!
Do you live in one of the streets that are part of the first stage of the Tour de France? Do you have a special story about your street and / or the Tour? Take a look at www.tourdoorutrecht.nl to get an overview of the streets of the first stage.

You do not have to be a expert of the Tour de France to qualify for an article on the website; your story comes first, the sport second.

[gard align=right]Initiators
Initiators of the website www.tourdoorutrecht.com are Utrechters Marcel Bruinstroop and Rob Vermeulen. Both live in the very city and are devoted fans of the Tour de France. It’s their love for writing and history which makes it a perfect combination.

More information
For more information on the project, have a look at our website www.tourdoorutrecht.com. Would you like to be kept informed of new stories on the website? Follow Tour door Utrecht on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Rob Vermeulenhttp://tourdoorutrecht.com/
Get involved with the Tour de France start in Utrecht and start contributing with your stories on this wonderful annual sporting event.


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