Don’t forget Sulawesi!

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It is important that just because this happened half way across the world that it is not forgotten.

The Indonesian authorities have agreed to extend their search for survivors of the horror for another day on the Sulawesi island hit by a tsunami and earthquake. At least five thousand people are still missing and at the request of family members of missing people, one day was added.

The disaster occurred two weeks ago in the northwest of the island and devastated a large part of the city of Palu. There a neighbourhood was swallowed by the earth.

According to a spokesman for the emergency response service, the search will continue until Friday night. There are at the moment almost ten thousand rescue workers in the city of Palu trying to recover bodies.

After Friday, there will no longer be a large-scale search involving a lot of people and heavy equipment.

Almost 200,000 people on the island need emergency help. The Indonesian authorities are assisted by various aid organizations and eleven countries, including the Netherlands.

The Netherlands have collected 11 million Euros in donations to help the victims of the disaster. This was with the Giro555 campaign where 11,255,854 euros have been collected for help. The fundraising will continue in the coming days. If you can help support this cause, please do.

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Jon Wilkins

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