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Dark Blood to premier at the Netherlands Film Festival

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The premier of George Sluizer’s ‘Dark Blood’ premiers at the Netherlands Film Festival, 20 years after the actual movie was filmed.

The completion of the movie came to an abrupt halt after main actor River Phoenix lost his life to a drug overdose during the final month of filming. After the tragic incident, the rights to the movie were claimed by the insurance company.

The 80 year old Sluizer, ill from old age, decided to proceed with the completion of the film despite lawsuit threats. He managed to acquire the film material from a locker and proceeded with assemblage under the support of the Film Fund.

Dark Blood is about a young widower who has taken refuge in the Arizona desert after a number of nuclear tests have led to a city disaster and the death of his wife. While travelling through the desert, he meets a couple and undertakes devious schemes to win the heart of the woman and create a better world with her.

The premier takes place on September 27 at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.

Source: RTV Utrecht

Michael Darmanin
Michael Darmanin
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