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Commencement of new World Trade Center Utrecht in 2016

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Utrecht is to receive its very own World Trade Center (WTC) to be situated at the Jaarbeursplein. Construction is to commence in 2016. The total area of ​​the new building is expected to span some 32,000 square meters with a total height of at least 72 meters.

The new 18 story building will become a wonderful addition to the new standing structures such as the municipality building, the Rabo tower and the NH Hotel all of which are between 50 to 100 plus meters in height.

As high as the new buildings may be, they will still not exceed the 112 meters of the Dom Tower. As far as city regulations are concerned, new structures may never exceed the height of the Dom Tower.

[gard align=”right”]The construction of the WTC Utrecht is an initiative undertaken by the World Trade Center Association (WTCA) which acts as the global body for promoting business relations and international trade.

The municipality is happy with the arrival of the building. Its inception will provide a new vibe to the downtown central station area. Employment is also expected to rise thanks to the many jobs that will be result as new businesses begin to establish themselves.

Michael Darmanin
Michael Darmanin
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