How to get to Utrecht

By Train from Schiphol Airport

When you arrive at Schiphol Airport, at the airport lobby, you will see escalators going down which lead to the train gates. Make sure you buy your tickets before boarding the train!

View of the escalators leading to the train gates at Schiphol Airport with the ticket office in the background by Nikolai Karaneschev [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Car from Schiphol Airport

With GPS navigation

If you plan to come by car from Schiphol Airport, turn on your navigation for Utrecht and follow the designated route.

Without GPS navigation

If you don’t have a GPS, follow route A9 and then take the A2 towards Utrecht.

Parking in Utrecht

Parking in the city center comes at a cost of €5.35 per hour. This is fine for short stay but beware of limited parking availability especially during the festive season.

It makes more sense to park at the P+R outside of the city, especially for long stay. The price for parking at P+R Westraven is just €5,00 per 24 hours and that includes your tram ticket to the center.

The address for P+R Westraven is Griffioenlaan 1, 3526 LA Utrecht.

A view of P+R Westraven by neushornEigen werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, Koppeling

Easy access to public transportation with the Utrecht Region Pass

For easy access to all parts of the city, we recommend the Utrecht Region Pass.

The Utrecht Region Pass is a shareable, ready-to-use travel card that provides seamless access to all public transport and selected destinations in the Utrecht.

Image credit: Utrecht Region Pass

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