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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.


Rain 1 Utrecht 0

I was trying to work out why I couldn’t find the Hercules results from the weekend when I received the photo above from Hans ten Zweege from the Club. He was last spotted floating...


Utrecht! Whats on Where?

American Football Queens Bowl Final at Sportpark Overvecht Noord, Manitobadreef Flevo Foxes will play against the Amsterdam Cats. Bad news, match postponed! Football SC Heerenveen v. FC Utrecht. Jong FC Utrecht v. FC Dordrecht...


Utrecht! Who Won What Where?

Football FC Utrecht 3 Heracles Almelo 1 FC Utrecht now 4th FC Eindhoven 0 Jong FC Utrecht 0 Jong FC Utrecht in 18th place GVVV 0 HHC Hardenberg 0 GVVV in 8th place VV...


What’s on Where and When

Football FC Utrecht v. Heracles Almelo FC Eindhoven v. Jong FC Utrecht GVVV v. HHC Hardenberg Hercules v. VV GOES VV Eemdijk v. DOVO Ladies Football Faja Lobi KDS v. DVS’33 Ermelo Sporting’70 v....


Sporty Utrechters spoilt for choice

This weekends games: Football SC Excelsior Rotterdam v. FC Utrecht Jong FC Utrecht v. FC Den Bosch Ijsselmeer Birds v. GVVV ETUC v. Hercules DOVO v. Jong FC Groningen Ladies Football FC Delta Sports...


Did Utrecht Win?

Football FC Utrecht 5 De Graafschap 0 FC Volendam 2 Jong FC Utrecht 0 GVVV 3 VVSB 2 Hercules 2 ADO ’20 4 ONS Sneek 1 DOVO 2 Ladies Football Faja Lobi KDS 1...


Meet Utrecht’s USVV Odysseus ’91

Lisa at USVV Odysseus ’91 gave me the inside track on her cluib. She is 24 years old. This is her sixth season playing at Odysseus. She’s playing in the 5th Ladies team and...


Whats going on in sports mad Utrecht?

Football Jong FC Utrecht 4 Jong Ajax 3 FC Utrecht v. De Graafschap FC Volendam 2 Jong FC Utrecht 0 GVVV v. VVSB Hercules v. ADO ’20 ONS Sneek v. DOVO Ladies Football Faja...