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 Ruud Heijsman Dominates in Utrecht Sports Awards

Winner of this years UtrechtSport Sports Volunteer of the Year, 2018 is Utrecht Dominators very own:  Ruud Heijsman To quote the induction: Ruud is quiet, decisive and critical where necessary. Only 25 years old Heijsman...


Dees van den Berg wins top Utrecht Sports Award

Lisa Bunschoten and Ilias Ennahachi winners Sportprijs Utrecht The winners of the Sports Award of the year 2018 are snowboard star Lisa Bunschoten and kick boxer Ilias Ennahachi. Lisa Bunschoten won silver and bronze...


Sport in Utrecht means Sport Utrecht

I contacted SportUtrechts Communications Advisor, Yvonne Mureau to ask about the organisation and to see what it gives the good people of Utrecht. She was very helpful and her attitude bodes well for future...