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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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U-OV and Syntus suspend night buses until further notice

The government recently announced additional measures to combat the corona virus as cases rise across the country. As part of these measures,...

Utrecht venues exempt from 30 person limit

Corona times have certainly been hard on us all. While daily life looks a lot different, there is still entertainment and culture...

A short-story vending machine in Utrecht

The first short story vending machine in the Netherlands is being inaugurated at the International Literature Festival Utrecht 2020

City of Utrecht urges visitors to avoid city center on Saturdays

As corona virus cases are on the rise across Utrecht and the Netherlands, the City of Utrecht continues...

The explosion that shook Utrecht

On 12 June 1967 Utrecht was rocked by a series of explosions.

Reopening of Utrecht’s historic canal: All you need to know

A motorway for more than 40 years, and now a canal again. It’s certainly a reason to celebrate for Utrecht and its residents!

Traveling back to the medieval era: Castle de Haar

This article looks at the Castle de Haar as a tourist attraction in Utrecht city.

Hygiene during the pandemic: discipline or practice?

Countries differ in the austerity of their Corona-related measures. As the summer arrived, many countries relaxed the measures. Now, however, rumors of...

Hoog Catharijne mall, 5 stores you must visit

Ready for the holidays? Hoog Catharijne is one of the largest indoor shopping malls in the Netherlands. The...

Utrecht’s Poem for the Future

Let’s take a walk down the cobbled streets of Utrecht where words are engraved into the stones. It is a beautiful approach...

UNESCO’s fight against misinformation backed by Utrecht University

The COVID-19 pandemic has far reaching and profound consequences. It goes without saying that the crisis has changed the world as we...

Utrecht University joins the AI-translator race

There is nothing more frustrating than a vending machine eating your coins but refusing to deliver the snack or drink. In all...

Most Read

The age of dragons and georeferencing

This article is about georeferencing old maps which allows to compare them to new ones. Georeferencing is conducted by Utrecht University and is an interactive method which gives access to the old and new maps of the university library's collection.

The witch weighing house near Utrecht

In Oudewater near Utrecht, there still stands a weighing house. In the 16th century this weighing house produced not-a-witch certificates.

Coronavirus cases rising in Utrecht: All you need to know

The graph of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands is going up at a very fast rate. According to the latest data released...

Beer and Bitterballen

Dutch cuisine is not really the most mouth-watering in the world. But the beer-bitterballen combination is a delicious exception