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Monday, 30 November 2020
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Tag: Utrecht sport

Bouldering in Utrecht in Corona times

Bouldering is growing in popularity. However, just as most things, it was affected by the corona crisis. Now that things are opening up again,...

Vote Utrecht Dominators

Ilja Tersteeg of Utrecht Dominators sent me the good news that their very own chairman, Ruud Heijsman has been nominated for this years Utrecht...

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A must-see movie: Tenet

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Unusual Travel Tales part 1: White nights of Russia

Satiate the wanderlust quench with unusual travel tales. Here's presenting White Nights of Russia and some glance of the Golden Ring.

Nature walks in Bilthoven

Silence, peace, and quiet are privileges. They are also part of a healing process. Nature has its own way of healing. The total silence...