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I am Vietnamese and now going for my bachelor degree in Utrecht. I participate in a lot of activities including school and Vietnamese students association. I love to travel around and share my thoughts about my adventures during my stay in the Netherlands.

UtrechtCentral.com - News - Business - Apollo Hotel wants to renovate and expand 0

Apollo Hotel wants to renovate and expand

The Apollo Hotel, located at the corner of Vredenburg and Lange Viestraat, has plans to refurbish and expand. The announcement was confirmed by Utrecht Alderman Klaas Verschuure. The building, which was called Hotel Smits...

UtrechtCentral.com - News - Society - Annual International Sint Maartenssteden conference in Utrecht 0

Sint Maartenssteden conference in Utrecht

Utrecht welcomes delegations from 20 to 22 September for the annual Sint Maartenssteden conference. Visitors from Hungary, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Corsica, Austria, Slovakia, Italy and Luxembourg will come to Utrecht for a conference...

Social Sustainability Meeting 0

Social Sustainability Meeting

Next weekend I am going to the Integrated Network for Social Sustainability Annual Meeting in Charlotte, USA, where I will co-present a poster with Utrecht University’s Cristina Grasseni. The poster title is Food Sovereignty...