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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.


Utrecht is Rugby

I just thought I would highlight the Junior programme at the Utrecht Rugby Club. The above poster shows how many young people are involved, playing a great sport every week at a great club....


Sunday Rugby in Utrecht

Mens Rugby RC Eemland 1 27 USRS I 15 RC Etten-Leur 24 USRS II 14 Delft SR-C 24 USRS III 39 URC II 54 RFC Gouda 12 RC Sparta 1 5 URC III 22...


Not all blue for Utrecht Ladies

Despite a heart breaking 12-10 defeat last weekend against Hilversums All Blues, things are still looking up for the Ladies of Utrecht Rugby club as they face an end of season where promotion is...


Sundays Utrecht Rugby Results

Mens Rugby ARC The Pigs 7 USRS II 26 USRS III 55 Bredase RC 0 RC The Hookers 44. URC I 33 Ascrum AA v17 URC II 5 URC III 107 Rotterdam RC 0...


Rugby in Utrecht

Mens Rugby RFC Oisterwijk Oysters I v. USRS I ARC The Pigs I v. USRS II USRS III v. Bredase RC 2 RC The Hookers I v. URC I Ascrum AA v. URC II...


Utrecht Rugby courtesy of Frank van Berkum

I thought that as we had just welcomed the rugby teams back after their winter break that it would be a great idea to see some of the photographs of Frank van Berkum from last...


Utrecht Rugby

Mens Rugby URC I v. RC Eemland I URC II v. SRC Thor I RC Delft III v. URC III USRS I v. RC Groningen I USRS II v. RC Wageningen I SVRC I...


Rugby back in Utrecht

Rugby is back The winter break is over and as the weather gets even wetter and the grounds muddier, the players can enjoy rolling about in the environment that suits them best! Mud! A...