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Towards a more sustainable water use in agriculture

It is common knowledge that 70% of the Earth is covered by water. However, it might come as a surprise that 70%...

Pandemic horrors: understanding how fake news spreads

The article looks at the research done on the influence of social media accounts in disseminating conspiracy theories during a pandemic

Hygiene during the pandemic: discipline or practice?

Countries differ in the austerity of their Corona-related measures. As the summer arrived, many countries relaxed the measures. Now, however, rumors of...

Utrecht University joins the AI-translator race

There is nothing more frustrating than a vending machine eating your coins but refusing to deliver the snack or drink. In all...

Ocean saving research awarded by Utrecht University

Utrecht University awards a special prize to oceanographer Erik van Sebille for his research focused on reducing plastic waste from the oceans.

Artificial intelligence: hope for climate change?

Climate researchers from the Utrecht University, in collaboration with other scientists, are paving the way for a revolution in the study of...

Research continues into implementation of universal basic income

The idea of ​​a universal basic income for all has been around for some time now although its implementation has been lagging....

Corona virus antibodies found in mothers milk

The breast milk of women who had COVID-19 has been found to contain antibodies against the corona virus. This new finding has...

Understanding the cause of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis

Where do really big earthquakes take place? This is one of the biggest questions for earth scientists, but also for the nearly...

Utrecht researchers to develop app to predict plastic movement at sea

World Conservation Day has become the focal point for the Galapagos Plastic Free project, which aims to make the Galapagos Islands the...

Immunotherapy of cancer: Gadeta BV and UMCU exploit a novel therapeutic approach with potential broad anti-tumor reactivity

The ongoing defense against life-threatening pathogens and cancersOur immune system is constantly at work in an effort to protect us from threatening...

Five Utrecht scientists get Covid-19 research grants

The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (or ZonMw) has approved grant proposals from five researchers in Utrecht that will study...

Most Read

The age of dragons and georeferencing

This article is about georeferencing old maps which allows to compare them to new ones. Georeferencing is conducted by Utrecht University and is an interactive method which gives access to the old and new maps of the university library's collection.

The witch weighing house near Utrecht

In Oudewater near Utrecht, there still stands a weighing house. In the 16th century this weighing house produced not-a-witch certificates.

Coronavirus cases rising in Utrecht: All you need to know

The graph of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands is going up at a very fast rate. According to the latest data released...

Beer and Bitterballen

Dutch cuisine is not really the most mouth-watering in the world. But the beer-bitterballen combination is a delicious exception