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Tag: Le Guess Who

Le Guess Who? Utrecht

During Le Guess Who? 2018, the Portuguese platform Canal180 traveled to Utrecht to film in collaboration with the festival. Titled 'Representing the Underrepresented', it reveals...

Utrecht Le Guess Who?

Once again, Le Guess Who? celebrated the diverse, emerging music genres from around the world. The highlights this year seem to be too many to...

Le Guess Who? Utrecht

Where can we start? There is so much going on at the Festival. How do you choose who to see? So much talent. So many genres. So many greats. So...

Le Guess Who? 2018

Le Guess Who? is a city-wide celebration of music. The festival is dedicated to boundary-crossing music from across the entire planet, with the 12th...

Event Spotlight: Le Guess Who Festival

One of the biggest independent musical festivals of the country will take place this weekend in Utrecht. Le Guess Who? will bring to the...

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