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Cultural Production and Flying Cars

At the moment I live my life straddling two continents, and two lifestyles. I reside in the...

Utrecht to stimulate investment in broadband infrastructures

The city of Utrecht in the Netherlands is looking to stimulate market players to work together in co-developing the newest forms of broadband infrastructure...

Innovative Utrecht has a name; introducing Mr. Jonny Hankins

The Milan based Bassetti Foundation for Responsible Innovation is soon to place Jonny Hankins, their Foreign Scientific Correspondent in Utrecht. The move demonstrates and...

Hogeschool Utrecht develops ‘battery tree’

The Hogeschool Utrecht, in cooperation with energy company 'Enexis' have developed a so-called 'battery tree' (accuboom in Dutch), designed to serve as a loading...

Utrecht among the most innovative regions in the Netherlands

Utrecht, along with North-Brabant and North-Holland haveĀ beenĀ deemed the most innovative provinces in the Netherlands. The upward trend in innovation is strongly linked to European...

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The age of dragons and georeferencing

This article is about georeferencing old maps which allows to compare them to new ones. Georeferencing is conducted by Utrecht University and is an interactive method which gives access to the old and new maps of the university library's collection.

The witch weighing house near Utrecht

In Oudewater near Utrecht, there still stands a weighing house. In the 16th century this weighing house produced not-a-witch certificates.

Coronavirus cases rising in Utrecht: All you need to know

The graph of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands is going up at a very fast rate. According to the latest data released...

Beer and Bitterballen

Dutch cuisine is not really the most mouth-watering in the world. But the beer-bitterballen combination is a delicious exception