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UMC leads way with BoneMRI in Utrecht

MRIguidance a spin-off company of the UMC Utrecht, has secured a seed investment from health-tech investor Health Innovations and a strategic informal investor for the development and the market roll-out of BoneMRI. BoneMRI is a software solution...

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Smood Juice to expand

The Smood Juice bar at Vismarkt is planning to expand and become a vegan-friendly restaurant. For this, the empty wharf basements will be developed. Smood currently sells fresh juices, smoothies and sugar-free tarts but...

Arrival of first ebola patient to UMC Utrecht 1

Arrival of first ebola patient to UMC Utrecht

A spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Health confirmed the arrival of a United Nations soldier to the University Medical Center (UMC) in Utrecht. The soldier is believed to have contracted Ebola during his ongoing...