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Michael Darmanin

Michael is founder and managing editor of UtrechtCentral.com. He graduated in Communications and Media at the Hogeschool Utrecht in the summer of 2012. He specializes in Web Development, Content Management and Online Marketing. Interested in co-operation? We are open to all kinds of suggestions. Contact us!

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Students to protest against austerity in education

This week, students and teachers protest throughout the country against austerity policies in the education system by the Dutch parliament. “Millions of budget cuts while investments were promised, the abolition of the basic grant...

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Week Against Bullying

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Arie Slob kicked off The Week Against Bullying in Utrecht on Monday September 16 by talking to pupils in one of Utrecht’s primary schools about the subject....

Priesthood education returns to Utrecht 0

Priesthood education returns to Utrecht

The priesthood education will be returning to Utrecht starting September 2014. So says the archdiocese Utrecht on it’s website. The aspiring priests are going to live in the Ariënsinstituut and will be following their...