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Tag: Dick Bruna

Miffy – The beloved bunny

Ever wondered how this little rabbit became the quintessential part of the Dutch household? Recognized as "Nijntje" (short version of Konijntje) in the Netherlands,...

Dick Bruna is Utrecht

February 16 means it is just two years since the death of the genius that was Dick Bruna and we have to celebrate his...

Miffy museum comes to life in Utrecht

A new performance for children of all ages, from 2 to 80+, Pussy Nel, will be appearing in opera at the museum from 30...

Meet Miffy and Marja Kerkhof

Talk about honoured! Today I spoke to Marja Kerkhof, managing director of Mercis, publisher of Miffy! Marja lives in Utrecht having moved here to study...

Mayor stimulates urinating in designated lavatories

Urecht Mayor Aleid Wolfsen has adjudicated taking the first step in combating wild pissing by placing a drawing created by the popular cartoonist local,...

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