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Sunday, 17 January 2021
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Tag: 3D Printing

Technology Trends to Look Forward

Man-a creator of his imagination, is evolving since centuries. Let's get an insight of what future holds for us in the matter of technology.

Successful skull operation using 3D printing technology

The UMC Utrecht has successfully replaced a complete skull in one of their patients. The operation is the first of its kind using a skull...

UMC Utrecht experiments further with 3D tissue printing

The UMC (University Medical Center) Utrecht are carrying out experiments with a new method of 3D tissue printing that makes it possible to speed...

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Mass self-screening: Could it bring the pandemic to an end?

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Black owned businesses: Why more now?

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The (slightly) bright side of 2020

Now, 2020 is past. But, it is the year that will be stamped in our brains and memories for years to come. The year...