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Let us assist you in creating a sponsored event in Utrecht where you can showcase what you have to offer. In co-operation with our network of event hosting specialists in the region, along with our combined creativity, we will bring your event to life.

What are the benefits of a sponsored event?

Studies show that the interactive aspect of events has the potential of strengthening the way people feel about brands. When it comes to driving sales, they give you a strong push too. Upon attending an event, over 90 per cent of attendees felt optimistic about the brand. While around 85 per cent are likely to buy from you, there are no limits to the benefits of event sponsorship.

Here are some of the other benefits of hosting a sponsored event:

  • It’s a great reason for people to meet up and socialize
  • Attendees are already interested in what you have to offer
  • Option to offer discounts and free giveaways
  • Connect directly with your potential target audience

Examples of sponsored events

Recruitment event
Host an event in an attempt to recruit people for specific jobs. This could be an ideal solution for a talent bureau who are initially looking to connect with potential candidates on an informal level.

Opening of a new cafe or restaurant
Host an event to showcase your new restaurant or cafe. For restaurants, include the option to try various small dishes or host an opening dinner party for a limited amount of guests. First impression counts!

Speed dating event
Host a speed dating event in Utrecht to provide singles the opportunity to meet and socialize. This would perhaps be an interesting idea for business that specializes in helping people find their perfect soul mate.

The possibilities are endless and are only limited by ones own creativity. Perhaps this is a viable option for you?

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