Working in Utrecht

Finding work in Utrecht may be a bit of a challenge for those who don’t speak Dutch. We make it easier for you by providing information you need to know before starting your new job in Utrecht. We also list a number of employers and vacancies on this page where Dutch is not required.

Things you should know when planning to work in Utrecht

Getting a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer)

Having a citizen service number BSN is a basic requirement for those who plan to work in the Netherlands. The citizen service number (BSN) is a unique personal number for everyone who is registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP). The BSN is primarily intended for contact between citizens and the government and for the governmental institutions such as the tax office. To apply for a BSN, check this page of the Utrecht Municipality.

Payroll tax credit (loonheffingskorting)

Before you start working for a new employer, you should make sure you fill in the Payroll tax credit form. Your choice on this form will determine if you receive a discount on your payroll tax or not. You may only apply payroll tax discount for one single employer. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply payroll tax discount at the employer where you earn the most wages. In order to apply the discount, simply check the the ‘Ja’ box on this form before returning it to your employer (see image below).

Jobs in Utrecht where Dutch is not required

Click here to see a list of jobs in Utrecht where Dutch is not required.