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On the 26th of June 2019, Maarten van Ooijen (Councilor for Care), along with Anita Witzier (De Zonnebloem Ambassador), unveiled the first ever electric wheelchair rental car, Zonnebloemauto. Councilor van Ooijen: “Mobility is important for the accessibility of your family and network. A ride with the electric Zonnebloemauto is important to enjoy together and with each other.”

Since 2014, De Zonnebloem rents adapted cars to people who are wheelchair or mobility scooter bound. The cars can accommodate a wheelchair or a mobility scooter and 4 passengers, enabling them to travel along with the others more comfortably. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands the association has realized 50 wheelchair rental cars.

National Association Zonnebloem has made the first hundred percent electric wheelchair rental car possible in The Netherlands. The three cars were officially transferred to the association on the 26th of June and are presented by the energy company Vattenfall. Vattenfall also takes care of the charging costs for the renters. The three vehicles are located in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem. This is the first time the association has access to electric wheelchair rental cars.

Reservations to rent a wheelchair rental car is possible by telephone or online. For Utrecht, the car can be picked up at Boogh, De Paraplu at the Van Bijnkershoeklaan 10. The renter can request a pass via www.zonnebloem.nl/zonnebloemauto to be able to rent the car as a wheelchair or mobility scooter user. The pass has a one-time cost of €10. The rent is €40 a day, which includes the first 100 kilometers. Each additional kilometer costs 0.20 cents. The charging cost of the vehicle is inclusive. In case the renter of the car needs a driver, De Zonnebloem has a pool of voluntary drivers in and around Utrecht.

Director of Customer Experience at Vattenfall, Bram Drewes says, “Vattenfall has set itself the goal of enabling fossil-free living, housing and traveling within one generation, and this naturally includes sustainable transport for people who are tied to a wheelchair or mobility scooter.”

Praising the initiative, the Councilor said, “I am proud that this way we can contribute to both fossil-free living and improving the capabilities and mobility of people with physical disabilities. As a municipality, we need social alliances to work together with De Zonnebloem, Vattenfall, Welzorg Auto op Maat and Boogh on a long-term sustainable basis.”

“The Zonnebloemauto gives tenants freedom of movement because we make flexible, affordable adapted transport possible. It’s great that we can do this in a sustainable way with this partnership with Vattenfall in view of the future.” said Toon Wouters, Chairman of the Utrecht branch of De Zonnebloem.

Zonnebloem works with Welzorg Auto op Maat for Zonnebloemauto. Welzorg Auto op Maat is the specialist in the area of car adjustments for people with functional or mobility restrictions.

“Welzorg Auto op Maat likes to think along with us about sustainability issues, and with the construction and adaptation of these fantastic electric wheelchair rental cars we are achieving a new future phase of electric transport matters. This challenges us as an organization to organize our services for the future.” – Edward Dijkhuizen of Welzorg Auto op Maat.

For more information you can visit: https://www.zonnebloem.nl/

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