Utrecht province launches sustainable project ‘SunMap’

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Interested in installing solar panels around your home but not sure if your dwelling gets enough sunlight? That’s where the ‘SunMap’ comes in!

The SunMap is an initiative launched by Mari Beks of the leftist political party, ‘GroenLinks’. Using SunMap, property owners can find out if it’s a good idea to install solar panels and what the return on their investment will be. SunMap also provides information like how much power you will be able to generate and how much CO2 reduction will be achieved.

Beks commented on her initiative, “We are delighted that our proposed initiative is being actively considered and implemented by initiators in the province of Utrecht. Undoubtedly, we will notice a positive impact on energy production in the province while providing inhabitants the option to choose for self-generated power.”

Ralph de Vries of political party D66 who was present during the introduction of the initiative explained how more than 50% of homes in Utrecht are suitable for solar panels.

“The SunMap is a step in the right direction and in accordance with our goals to make Utrecht a climate-neutral province by 2040,” explained Mr De Vries.

Ralph continued, “Comfortable living and in a sustainable and rewarding manner is something that many people want. However, the complexities of installation are great so the SunMap project has been welcomed by Utrecht’s sustainable community.”

Find out more about the SunMap (Zonnekaart) project: http://www.zonnekaart.nl/Municipalities (Dutch)

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