Utrecht Feast of Technology

As if Cultural Sunday was not enough to make Utrecht pupils enthusiastic about technology

We now have a new initiative for Utrecht students.

We know that as we are living in a time where robots have taken over a great deal in the manufacturing industries and technology is marching ever forward at a pace that we find difficult to keep up with, that it is important for students to become enthusiastic about technology training.

In order to promote this, TechNet Utrecht will be holding a Feast of Technology for the fifth time in collaboration with various companies, MBO institutions, training companies and funds.

There will be an Expo for first-year students where they can discover various facets of technology and ICT. The Expo is from 5 to 9 November 2018 in the CAB building in Utrecht.

We know that Technology is the future

Today technology is constantly evolving. From self-driving cars to drones, there are ideas that can only make us wonder. Working in technology offers a huge range of professions.

There are more and more technical jobs while most technology training is unfortunately lagging behind. The Feast of Technology looks at what technology and technology entails and what the career chances are in this sector. The students will be introduced to a wide range of technical professions. Various workshops and guided tours will be presented in the CAB building in Utrecht. Participating companies this year include IBM, Boreco and the young company Sidekick Mattie.

Students will be able to learn about technology in practice

Having a knowledge of technology is key for students to allow them to ultimately choose a course in this sector. The Festival of Technology is intended to enthuse and stimulate young people to choose a technical career. For this event several parties have joined forces to make this promotion a successful. They include TechNet Utrecht, ROC Midden Nederland, schools in secondary education, Willibrord Stichting and Nuovo Scholengroep and Installation work Central Netherlands.

The Festival of Technology is an important activity for now and the future!

The Expo will take place next week from 5 to 9 November and is intended for 1st year VMBO pupils and students of practical education.

On 8 November Klaas Verschuure Alderman of the municipality of Utrecht, will be guest speaker at a breakfast session. This breakfast is for invited guests and will give them the chance to meet TechNet Utrecht with the entrepreneurs involved.

Education and the government are working together to raise enthusiasm among young people for Technology looking for a smooth transition into working life.

The programme is filled every day from 9.00am to 4.00 pm with various imaginative and interactive activities. More information can be found on the website of the Festival of Technology.

The Expo is located in the CAB building, CAB Rondom Cartesius Triangle in Utrecht.

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