UMC leads way with BoneMRI in Utrecht

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MRIguidance a spin-off company of the UMC Utrecht, has secured a seed investment from health-tech investor Health Innovations and a strategic informal investor for the development and the market roll-out of BoneMRI.

BoneMRI is a software solution that enables unprecedented 3D visualisation of the bone anatomy with conventional MRI scanners, which until today were mainly used to assess soft tissues. BoneMRI allows for a one-stop-shop in medical imaging; one exam to characterize all human tissues and without making use of harmful radiation. The fresh capital will be used for further clinical validation and market roll-out. MRIguidance was founded in 2016.

As the MRIguidance web site tells us:

MRI is known for its superior soft tissue contrast. With BoneMRI we add bone imaging to the existing MR images. One imaging exam that visualizes all human tissues results in an optimized clinical workflow and better information for diagnosis and treatment planning. BoneMRI allows for radiation free bone imaging.

Peter Seevinck, Co-founder of MRIguidance and inventor of BoneMRI, has said that like all radiologists, he had trained with the idea that MRI was mainly suitable just for soft tissue imaging and that X-ray based techniques were required to visualize bone. He discovered through his work as a scientist in the UMC Utrecht, that he was getting more and more convinced that MRI data, when acquired in the right way, contained all the information necessary to also visualize bone. He was very happy that they were able to prove the concept in a clinical setting and that now with this further investment they will now be able to bring BoneMRI to the patient.

Health Innovations, have invested in MRIguidance through their Health Innovations Fund III. Dick Sietses, partner at Health innovations expects that the BoneMRI technology will improve the quality of patient care, and at the same time reduce healthcare costs. He believes that this, combined with MRIguidance’ strong technology base, and the way they have been integrating AI-technology into their solutions, has made MRIguidance a perfect match for their Health Innovations Fund.

BoneMRI is currently being developed and clinically validated at the UMC Utrecht and also in several hospitals in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The investment will help the MRIguidance team to bring BoneMRI to the patient quickly.

Health Innovations is a seed investment fund that invests in young companies that make healthcare better and more affordable. Health Innovations focuses on innovative care concepts, eHealth, medical technology, Digital Health and Health Services. At the beginning of 2018 Health Innovations started with it’s third fund, Health Innovations Fund III.




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