National Science Weekend in Utrecht

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Thousands of visitors have experienced what it would be like to be a scientist at Utrecht University this weekend.

Celebrating the Weekend of Science, the doors of Utrecht University were opened and allowed the visitors to look behind the scenes of science education.

Visitors had the chance to do experiments throughout the event. Professor Jaap Wagenaar hoped that children would become enthusiastic about science during the event. He feels that Universities need to interact with their future students at an early age as with science a whole new world becomes open to them. Even if they decide to take up science at a later age, at least they have seen how the science world works.

The main aim is of course making science and technology fun.

National Science Weekend is an initiative of the National Centre for Science and Technology, and has grown into the largest technology and science festival in the Netherlands, with more than 150.000 visitors attending every year.

More than 250 locations throughout the Netherlands, including major museums, universities, research institutes and businesses offer young and old alike the chance to peek backstage and experience scientific and technological activities live.

Throughout the Netherlands, there were more than 1.500 activities on offer and many were free of charge.

The National Science Weekend has been an annual event for over 30 years, and the goal of the weekend has never changed, it is to inspire minds by demonstrating the capabilities of scientific and technological innovation in engaging ways.

What we see over the weekend is a mix of art, performance, lectures and debates that borrow concepts from scientific research and explain them through first hand experiments, demonstrations or tours.

Look out for next years events at Utrecht University.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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