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Why not feel the IMPAKT of a New Year’s drink on Tuesday, January 22, from 17: 00-20: 00 at The IMPAKT Centre for media culture, Lange Nieuwstraat 4

BK-NU, the Visual Arts Network Utrecht and the Digital Culture sector Utrecht invite you to jointly toast a new year full of great projects. For the occasion, the visual arts and digital culture sectors have united and during the drinks, various organizations from the two sectors will briefly look ahead to the program they will be offering in 2019.

The New Year’s reception takes place at IMPAKT, where you can also see the exhibition A World Without Us.

We hope that you will celebrate the start of the new year on January 22nd and we would really appreciate it if you register via the RSVP here.

For the first  time the following agencies can be seen together:

BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons

Creative Coding Utrecht


FOTODOK, space to see, think and learn

IMPAKT, Centrum voor mediacultuur




In this new IMPAKT project you can see:

There will be an Artist Talk by Maarten Vanden Eynde on Thursday, January 24 at The IMPAKT Centre for media culture, Lange Nieuwstraat 4

The work of the Belgian artist Maarten Vanden Eynde (Leuven, 1977) is related to different research areas, social contexts and anthropological perspectives. One of his main interests is his self-invented research area Genetology (The Science of the First Things), a post-apocalyptic field of science in which imaginary jigsaw pieces are combined to create an image of a possible future history. Central to the research area of ​​Genetology is our fascination for the concept of time and the associated consequences of this: How will we look back in the future in the past? What will remain of the present? Vanden Eynde tries to imagine how in the distant future we will look back on the past and what will remain of our presence on earth.

Future Life – A conference to be held on Thursday, January 17 through to Saturday, January 19 at The Louis Hartlooper Complex & IMPAKT Centre for media culture

The program of this conference focuses on the themes of the exhibition A World Without Us and is inspired by ArchaeaBot, a work of art by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May. It examines what life can mean in a future world after climate change and after the technological singularity. We question the role art can play in involving the public in environmental problems, the development of new technology and the social consequences of our decisions.

Our program consists of internationally renowned speakers and keynote lectures on the borderline between art, science and philosophy. It explores our themes from the perspective of robotics and artificial intelligence, microbiology, synthetic biology, neuroscience, hacking and environmental activism. What would a world look like without us? Will it be controlled by transhumans, intelligent robots or bacteria?

A World Without Us will be shown from 3 February, 12: 00-17: 00 at The IMPAKT Centre for media culture, Lange Nieuwstraat 4

A World Without Us proposes how the world will be without people. An exhibition on bio-art, climate change, robotics, artificial intelligence and the post-Anthropocene

The way we now deal with nature and the environment ensures that this moment could start much faster than we think possible. A World Without Us wants to convey the urgency of an improved approach to nature. The exhibition will provide space for examples of the damage we cause as well as people and how we can deal with technology in the right way to create solutions.


With works by Anna Dumitriu & Alex May, Katrin Hochschuh & Adam Donovan, IC-98, Robertina Šebjanič & Gjino Šutić, Mark Leckey, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Taavi Suisalu, Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke, Next Nature Network

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