IMPAKT has Positive Impact on Utrecht

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The organizers of IMPAKT are really pleased with how the festival went this year and want to shout out:.


They think it’s been incredible, with packed rooms and with a programme that has left the visitors with a great deal to think about in the beautiful surroundings of Het Huis Utrecht.

They would like to thank all of the artists and speakers who provided a nuanced and critical view on Algorithmic Superstructures. They also want to dish out a big thank you to all the lovely and volunteers who made the festival possible.

You can see many of the panel discussions, performances and lectures online on their YouTube Channel. So, take a look, perhaps again, at all their content.

Utrecht had a real treat with so many interesting guests at the festival. Now you can (re)watch everything that they so generously shared. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for photographic impressions of the festival.

There are still some Exhibitions on show until November 11


Center for Media Culture, Lange Nieuwstraat 4 & 7

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 13:00 – 18:00

Algorithmic superstructures are crystallizing into an overarching framework, radically changing and challenging the fabrics of society, including our understanding of public democracy, media ecology and collective action. Our increasingly encoded environment is mediated by digital devices and facilitated by computational infrastructure.

This exhibition illustrates how new technologies have become instrumental in advancing some of the greatest challenges we are facing today: the dissociation of publics leading to increased populist tendencies, authoritarianism and social conflicts and an ambient feeling of instability and insecurity on a global scale.

The works in the exhibition are referential to new forms of governance and hegemony being established, that stand in opposition to democratic values and procedures. Illustrating how algorithmic superstructures are shaping our thinking, our perception, and value system, they speak to a need for accountability and new forms of public democracy. The exhibition asks how, in this landscape, we can preserve our democratic legitimacy whilst embracing technological developments and maintaining the integrity of democratic processes

Also look out for a production from a group of students from the HKU’s Fine Art and Media departments responding to this year’s theme Algorithmic Superstructures. They will show their interpretation through installations, videos and performances, with an introduction by the students on Saturday at 13:30.

Performers include:Andrea Asili, Megan Auður Maya Berkhof, Nianda van Blaricum, Geertje Brandenburg Indigo Deijmann , Kiana Grigorie,  Matthijs, Hannink, Zwaantje Kurpershoek, Tom Poelen and Rashel van der Schaaf

Don’t forget that Utrecht Digitaal is happening this weekend on 4 November for a full day of Utrecht-based digital culture. There will be tours by Anna Ridler, Coralie Vogelaar and Donna Verheijden. Character trait workshops by Lídia Pereira and Lucia Dossin, a Chinese Post-truth Cinema edition and an audiovisual performance by experimental architect Liam Young!



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