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This Sunday we dive into digital culture. A surprising Cultural Sunday full of technological beauty and digital frayed edges. Expect robots on the street and in exhibitions, fresh conversations about algorithms and privacy, a go-kart track in the Hoog Catharijne parking garage and undergo a digital detox cure in the Offline Zone at the Ooster- en Westerkade.

Internet Yami-ichi

Internet in real life, how does that look like?

Discover it on the legendary Internet Yami-ichi or Black Market. A ‘flea market’ full of cookies, attention spam, vintage Facebook posters, hashtags, a travel agency, phone yoga, buffer cushions, the NoPhone and other tangible products and concepts with which artists react to our online existence.

After Tokyo, New York and Berlin, the 25th edition of the internationally legendary Internet Black Market will take place on November 4 when more than 100 artists, designers and free thinkers come together to sell real products and concepts that respond to the online world in this offline market. Immerse yourself in an internet market full of reactions to cookies, algorithms, the blockchain, fake news, the hashtag, emoji and other online phenomena.

What can you expect, among other things?

The Color of Internet Fakelefoons, Buffering Pillows, Fortnite Dance Clinic, IKEA coloured cupcakes, a meet-up with Barbara van Doesburg and Kim Kardashian, Airmnm masks, internet painters, even emojis created with emoji expert Lilian Stolk, yoga with your smartphone and much, much more.

Come and shop at this offline market!

The Internet Yami Ichi Black Market is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.


IMPAKT is one of the co-initiators of Utrecht Digitaal. They present various activities across the city. Visit the exhibition Algorithmic Superstructures, whilst you still can, discover how character traits are used to predict your behaviour, and watch a documentary about Chinese citizen journalism and internet censorship.

Winkel Van Sinkel

Start the day with brunch and a performance by Somersault. There is also a virtual reality escape room, Flemish artist duo Mardulier and Deprez read anonymously collected secrets via a megaphone, and we look at how freedom of expression was used in the Cultural Sundays College. See here for more information.


TivoliVredenburg is the hub where many themes come together. Immerse yourself with the whole family in the world of artificial intelligence and robots, listen to the experiences of a former Facebook moderator and discover what we can learn from digital duplicates in a masterclass by Human.


Medialab SETUP and oneseconds invited eight media artists to build four new interactive installations in 48 days. These works make new technological developments negotiable and palpable. The works will premiere Sunday and can be seen in the Dom Tower and De Nijverheid.

Here you can see so much!

Medialab SETUP and oneseconds invited eight media artists to build four new interactive installations in 48 days. These works make new technological developments open to discussion and palpable for a wide audience. Curious about the end result? The works will premiere during Utrecht Digital. Casper de Jong and Floortje Wijnands Casper is an interactive theater designer and Floortje is a fashion designer. Together they will work on an installation on the themes of robotics and circular economy, taking the sweatshop as a starting point. But where both people and machines are present in the traditional sweatshop, Casper and Floortje work on an automated sweatshop without people. How does a sweatshop work in which the sewing machines work circularly and autonomously? Marijke Hessels and Lieke van der Made In her theater productions, where Marijke makes an analogous impression of what information culture does to people, Lieke questions social developments through the use of digital techniques as a visual artist. In the installation they are going to build together you step into the world of surveillance and algorithms. Can we still act autonomously in a world in which video surveillance has made the new normal, and if so, how should we behave? Crystal Maria de la Cruz and Stan Wannet Crystal and Stan both make mechanical constructions inspired by the animal and plant world. But where Crystal examines how you can capture natural movements in mechanics – or biomimicry -, Stan does not look for a natural representation and uses the machine as a starting point. For their installation, Crystal and Stan will combine their perspectives and work on an installation inspired by swarms as a natural phenomenon.


Become your own digital alter ego! In the interactive installation 3RD of the Utrecht collective Monobanda you get a totally new perspective on reality. Put on a big bird-like helmet and discover how reality can feel like a digital game environment .

Data is Gold

Data is the gold of the future. It is the promise in the tech industry. But what exactly is data? RAUM gives a tasting of data: you see, hear, experience and walk through the city of the future through a database. there is so much going on, click here for more updates.


An afternoon to be offline with the whole family? That is possible this Sunday. In Library Utrecht you will learn everything about robots, in the Offline Zone you can write a letter to your best friend and in the Social Impact Factory there is an escape room for children. Here are a world of different events, designed to engage and impress!

Creative Coding

Programming has long since ceased to be the domain for the ICT specialist. On Sunday you can attend a Creative Coding workshop at Sensorlab. Curious about what local creative people have already made? The exhibition Hello World! shows the result of all activities in 2018. This really is the future!

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