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App launched to monitor crowded locations in Utrecht

Last updated 6 months ago by Michael Darmanin

Residents and visitors who want to avoid crowded places can do so from today using a specially developed app called the “Crowd Monitor”. This goal of the app is to decrease the number of new covid-19 cases by showing how busy it is at popular locations in the city.

Vacation within Dutch borders

Many locals are taking a vacation this year within the borders of The Netherlands. This portal provides a birds eye view of the busiest places which you can better avoid to prevent being sent back on your way. Less busy alternatives are also shown on the online map.

How the app works?

The data is delivered a few times per day by a number of registered users who are normally present at the location. The contributors mainly entail businessmen, cafe owners, nature reserve managers to name a few. Not everyone gets contributor access to the app since you need to be working for the business in question.

Explanation of the map

Red dot: the location is too busy. The chance you will be sent away is high.
Yellow dot: the location is a little busy but there is a chance you can still get access.
Green dot: the location is not busy. Easy to get in here.

Translation of Dutch words

Bezoekersdrukte: visitor crowdedness
Zoek op adres, plaats of poscode: search by address, place or post code
Filter op drukte: filter by crowdedness level
Filter op categorie: filter by category
Rustig: quiet
Gemiddeld: averag
Druk: busy

The map

Check the map below before you decide on going somewhere:

Michael Darmanin
Michael Darmanin
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