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Utrecht University’s data security breach at supplier Blackbaud

Blackbaud, the world’s largest supplier of Customer Relation Management systems (CRM) for education institutions, has informed Utrecht University about a data security breach. This...

App launched to monitor crowded locations in Utrecht

Residents and visitors who want to avoid crowded places can do so from today using a specially developed app called the "Crowd Monitor". This...

Utrecht researchers to develop app to predict plastic movement at sea

World Conservation Day has become the focal point for the Galapagos Plastic Free project, which aims to make the Galapagos Islands the first ecosystem...

Scientists skeptical about the use of apps to control pandemic

Minister De Jonge announced during a press conference on the 7th of April that the government is considering using two apps to tackle the...

Utrecht to build its first floating solar panel field

The Haarrijnseplas (Haarrijnse lake) will get its very first lot of floating solar panel islands that will help power around 1,400 households with sustainable...

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