Utrecht welcomes La Vuelta Holanda

As we know the 75th edition of the Tour of Spain will start in the Netherland in August 2020. Utrecht can welcome the peloton of La Vuelta. And that is special! Only three times before has this cycling tour started outside Spain. More details of the event have been released.

La Vuelta Holanda

For no less than three days, the riders will race through the Dutch landscape, with the provinces of Utrecht and North Brabant as central players. Not only during the cycling round; but also in the run up when the organisers will make a Spanish Fiesta with each other!

Stage 1 will be Utrecht – Utrecht

On Saturday 16 August 2020, the riders will race the team time trial through the streets of the city.

The teams start at the Jaarbeurs and then cycle east through the city centre. After the technical first part of this course they race along the Singel over the Maliebaan, the oldest bike path in the Netherlands. The route goes to Overvecht, where the teams make a loop towards Leidsche Rijn. This means that the spectators will be able to see their cycling heroes pass by twice. After leaving the new Leidsche Rijn Centre, the teams will race to the finish. From the fly-over, a real team sprint will be made until they come back to the Jaarbeursplein. In total, the team time trial is 23.7 kilometers long.

“Like the Giro in 2010 and the Tour in 2015 the route of La Vuelta will pass through a substantial part of our city. It’s going to be an amazing and a memorable event once again.”

Mayor of Utrecht Jan van Zanen

La Vuelta Holanda Press Brochure is glowing in its appraisal of the Province of Utrecht: It compliments it on being:

An Attractive Cycling Region

“The province of Utrecht is an attractive cycling region with 1800 km of bicycle paths and lots of vegetation! It is no coincidence that the province of Utrecht is number 1 in the list of the most kilometres on a bicycle per year per inhabitant. The province has been encouraging the use of bicycles for years and that hasn’t been without results. This is not that strange, because cycling in this area is a unique experience: it has more castles, estates and country estates than in the French Loire region!

In addition, this part of the Netherlands is known for its interesting cycling innovations. Through cooperation between companies, research institutes and governments, the region is increasingly becoming an international cycling knowledge and innovation hub.

The province is also known for its know-how economy, thanks to its central location and a high level of expertise. This central location – in the middle of the Netherlands – also makes it one of the provinces through which many Dutch people travel. The road network is the busiest and most used road network in the Netherlands and Utrecht Central Station handles even more passengers than Schiphol Airport.”

La Vuelta Holanda Press Brochure tells us that Utrecht is a:

Bustling Cycling City

“It is a figure that surprises many people from abroad: every inhabitant of the city of Utrecht has on average two or more bicycles. When you look around the city, you see them all over.

Firmly chained to poles and bridges, parked in bicycle sheds and deftly heading on the many bicycle paths. Utrecht was the first municipality to have a bicycle path as early as 1885 and now has the largest bicycle shed in the world: for no fewer than 33,000 two-wheelers!

Not surprisingly, this city is the only one in the world to host all 3 major cycling tours. The Giro d’Italia in 2010, the Tour de France in 2015 and soon La Vuelta in 2020. Utrecht is also the fastest growing city in the Netherlands; from 350,000 inhabitants in 2018 to 400,000 inhabitants in 2025. It is a lively city and offers an impressive and pleasant mix of timeless history and contemporary appeal. In this city you will find history, culture and creativity alongside exciting design shops and authentic restaurants. Utrecht is the brain of the Netherlands; a city with knowledge, with young, smart inhabitants, a thriving creative sector and leading international research centres that are constantly able to attract and produce top talent.”

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