Utrecht welcome restart of Kampong campaign

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Fresh from wining this years  Sportprijs Utrecht Team award for 2018, Kampong attempt to win more silverware as they return to the outdoors for the culmination of their seasons.

International goalkeeper David Harte is happy to be back in Utrecht. He tells us:

“I am just back from 2 months in Malaysia playing in the Malaysian Hockey League for Uni KL. It was my second season and I played with fellow Kampong teammates Robbert Kemperman and Martijn Havenga. Our Hoofdklasse season begins again on Sunday v Pinoke in the Amsterdamse Bos.”

On Sunday, the Kampong Ladies and Men’s teams resume the field hockey competitions after the winter break and indoor hockey. Many of their internationals who had left Utrecht to travel the world representing the Orange have returned, so it is a chance to welcome them home on Sunday at the Kampongtenue.
Kampong Ladies are at  Klapperboom against HDM on Sunday. They are 10 points behind the fourth placed side, Orange-Red, so there is work to be done. Fourth place

is needed to participate in the end of season playoffs. Hopefully our ladies with a good series can get back into the competition. Fortunately Michelle Fillet has recovered from her injury, and with international Margot Zuidhof and the good form of the other strikers, there is more than enough firepower.

Kampong men as we have read go to the Amsterdamse Bos for the game against Pinoké. Kampong is in third place, but the competition is fierce and the battle for the play-off places will remain exciting until the last matchday. Sander de Wijn is still injured and we have to wait and see if the younger players can continue the good play they showed before the winter break. So the Mencan use all the support in the coming weeks for the play-off places.
Program Sunday, March 10
12:45 Kampong D1 – hdm D1
14:45 Pinocchio H1 – Kampong H1
Mens places after 11 matches
1) Bloemendaal – 29 points
2) Orange-Red – 24 points
3) Kampong – 23 points
4) HGC – 20 points
5) Amsterdam – 20 points
6) Rotterdam – 19 points
Ladies positions after 13 games
1) Den Bosch – 32 points
2) Amsterdam – 30 points
3) SCHC – 30 points
4) Orange-Red – 29 points
5) Laren – 21 points
6) Kampong – 19 points

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Jon Wilkins

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