Utrecht goes up the Wall

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Utrecht on Saturday will be the scene of the National climbing championships or NK Lead.

But where are the rock faces I hear you cry.

They don’t need them as this climbing is on an indoor wall is the name of the game and The NK takes place at the Climbing and Boulder Centre Neoliet in  Leidsche Rijn.

The NK Lead climbing event will feature three contenders from the province of Utrecht. Castor Sprado and Jens de Louw from Utrecht and Jules Kluwer from Amersfoort who will compete with eight others for the national title on the ‘lead’ programme. Unfortunately, there are no female participants from our province amongst the eleven women climbers.

The Utrecht trio in the men’s competition belong to a new generation of climbers. Sprado is 18, his fellow townsman De Louw pas 16. Amersfoorter Kluwer is 17. The young guard will be taking the fight to, among others, the 36-year-old Amsterdam-based Gerke Hoekstra, the 34-year-old Eindhoven-based Truong Ngo and Tim Halussy from Huizen, who is 27. So it is the young versus the old. who will survive to win at the end?

Kluwer became Dutch champion speed last weekend.

“But that is a completely different discipline,”

says the Amersfoort student. At the NK lead, this coming weekend, the climbers have six minutes to climb a very difficult route to a height of about 20 meters.

“You need a lot more stamina for that, for example you have to be able to stick to your fingers for a long time, which I’ve trained a little less lately.”

Sports climbing is on the programme for the first time during the upcoming Olympic Games in Japan, says Kluwer:

“I will not be there yet. Maybe four years later, if I do my best.”

The Dutch National Championship starts at 7:30 PM on Saturday and is organised by the NKBV.

The NKBV connects people with a passion for mountain hiking, mountaineering and sports climbing. The NKBV gives shape to the desire to experience height.  The NKBV wants to move mountains for its members. This higher goal is designed, among other things, by providing information and organizing trips, courses and competitions. Whether you are looking for information about sustainability, starting climbing, Olympic ambitions, mountain hiking, mountaineering or interviews with big names from mountain sports, we are happy to help you.



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Jon Wilkins

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