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I recently caught up with Danny Hazebroek, a new face on the block for many of you, but perhaps not for FIFA 19 players as he is one of the best eSporters in The Netherlands. I asked him quite a few questions and will let him speak for himself in the interesting article below.

“My name is Danny Hazebroek. I’m 22 years old and live in Culemborg, close to Utrecht. My experience in esports are, I play at the highest competition of the Netherlands called the eDivisie. It’s my third year and i’ve been playing in this league since the start of it. I have also qualified for international Tournaments, my best performance was second place in a tournament in Belgium where I won €1500.

I got into esports because I was good in FIFA and Dutch professional football clubs were looking for an eSporter, so I played a tournament at the football club Excelsior, in Rotterdam.

From the 128 people who competed against each other, I became the winner and was chosen to represent Excelsior in the eDivisie as their eSporter. In my first year I ended up fifth of the eighteen clubs in total. Before the new season started Utrecht contacted me if I was interested to join them! I was surprised and happy, Utrecht is a bigger club then Excelsior and, I live close to Utrecht, so it was a great deal. I was the first Dutch transfer in esports!

In Utrecht we take E-sports seriously.

I got a manager who goes with me when I go to a serious tournament. He also arranges things for me. For example, he arranges that the supporters of FC Utrecht can play against me on a matchday.

The question on how good I am, I belong to the top of the Netherlands. International wide I’m like the sub-top,

I can beat everybody but I am not consistent enough to be the best worldwide.

I play during the weekend for 12 to 16 hours. And from Monday till Thursday 8 hours, but I am aiming for 20 hours of gameplay a week. When I have a big tournament ahead, I play even more. Then its more like 30 hours a week. But that’s only when I have important games in the future, it’s like a bootcamp for me. I play many games against other pro’s then, because that’s the way to become better. To play against people from your own level or even better.

At FC Utrecht eSports we have 2 players. I’m more the pro gamer, but we just signed Christiaan van der Mark, he’s a talent in eSports.

Our goal for the future is to have a coach. At the moment we don’t and we just analyse our games by ourselves. I play because I want to become one of the best players in the world. I love the feeling when you just win a very important game. The money is nice but I prefer winning and that people will remember me due to my skills.

My goal this year is to get more following on social media. We have two sponsors at FC Utrecht Esports and we are still growing. I hope that in the future I have grown even more on social media, that I’ve won some more prizes and that eSports itself will grow more in Utrecht!”

A fascinating insight into the world of the eSports player and what a great way to spend your time if that’s playing a game you love and being able to travel all over the world to take part in events.

Earlier this month FC Utrecht showed their commitment to esports when they opened up their new FC Utrecht eSports  home base, the eRoom in Stadion Galgenwaard. A Skybox has been transformed into the new home base for FC Utrecht eSports, complete with a mini stand for spectators.

The eRoom, located on the fifth floor of Stadium Galgenwaard, now counts as the home of the eSports branch of FC Utrecht. The eSporters Danny Hazebroek and Christiaan van der Mark can play FIFA19 games in the eRoom and prepare for the eDivision and all other tournaments in which they are active. The room is arranged in such a way that it is a piece of cake for Hazebroek and Van der Mark to live stream. Through these streams, interested parties can closely follow the activities of the two.

At the official opening of the eRoom, we were able to see that in addition to the large and smaller screens there was a real mini-tribune, where among others FC Utrecht’s eSports partners Kinepolis and Rabobank are displayed.

You can view an impression of the official opening of the eRoom here and browse through the digital photo album.


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