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On friday night (August 31) the transfer window finally closed and FC Utrecht were very active in the last hours. Jean-Christophe Bahebeck joined from Paris St. Germain.

Jordy Zuidam, Director of FC Utrecht, was pleased with the signing as he felt it had been a very intensive transfer period, which had cost a lot of energy. The club had been following Bahebeck since May, explains Zuidam.

Bahebeck suffered a severe achilles tendon injury last season but the club received the green light from their doctors and were happy to proceed with the signing.

Anyone looking at FC Utrecht’s players can see that they have a large number of attacking power. Cyriel Dessers, Simon Makienok, Gyrano Church, Lukas Görtler and Nick Venema were already under contract, and then Oussama Tannane and Bahebeck joined. Utrecht also have attacking midfielder Sander van de Streek has also been played up front in recent weeks.

Zuidam is pleased as he feels Utrecht have a broad and strong group, that being the aim in top-class sport although he also feels the squad are perhaps not strong enough. He talks of having the intention to get players who will take each other to a higher level, and that the coach has choices available to him and then it is up to them to get the right result.

Even though a number of key players have left said Zuidam they have recruited a lot of newcomers and he is very satisfied with the players they have been able to attract

Utrecht have kept a tight budget recently and it is important that FC Utrecht can stand on its own feet Zuidam says. He feels that now Utrecht have a player budget that may have been halved, but can still maintain their vision and they have found players who see FC Utrecht as the ideal sporting step. They perform well for Utrecht and then can step up to the next level. Zuidam speaks highly of the players who have taken the next step: talent like Sebastien Haller, Timo Letschert and Sofyan Amrabat have moved on. This in its own way is a victory for FC Utrecht, the Club can show those pathways and that players believe in them. In financial terms it seems a success. Utrecht develop the talent and though sad for the fans the players move on.

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