Sporting’70 leading the way in Utrecht womens Football

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As the Dutch Womens team prepare for their World Cup play off in Utrecht, I spoke with Liesbeth about her football club, Sporting’70.

Liesbeth lives in Wittevrouwen with her family and the cats Messi and Monk. Although her roots are in the north of the Netherlands, Utrecht is really her home base. She has completed three University courses in Utrecht; at the HKU and then History at the University. Because of this and because she has lived in all kinds of districts of Utrecht, she knows the city well.

Her early interest in Sporting’70 is like many parents as he started by supporting her own son. From 2007 on Saturdays she was often found standing on the line encouraging her son’s team. She has always personally loved sport, but as so often in life, work gets in the way. But she is a team player. Liesbeth feels that Sport is a wonderful tool to help personal development at all levels.

“You take that with you for a lifetime and start giving all children such a start. With Sporting’70 this can be done in a challenging, stimulating and above all fun way.”

Liesbeth feels strongly about women in sport:

“That is why I am specifically committed to the position of girls and women in football, to a permanent and strong position in football. Since September of this year I am a board member of Sporting for women’s football.”

How many players?

There are almost 1300 members at Sporting’70, football club. Sporting ’70 is for everyone and we make sure that everyone, boys and girls, are be able to play at their own level. Their philosophy is that the pleasure of many goes above and beyond the success of a few people.

“We are a real amateur club and we want to keep it that way. We do everything that needs to be done. Our pavilion offers a cozy and safe environment. All members and parents of youth members help with this.”

The club is fully supportive of everyone and promotes all sides of football.

“At Sporting’70 we manage our own framework. At the Sporting ’70 Academy you can take a youth trainer or referee course. Fun for yourself, good for our youth training. Social involvement is part of Sporting’70. We want to be an example for the football world.”

Junior programme

Sporting’70 also offers football to the very young: a group of 4-year-old mini-minis and 5-year-old minis meet every Wednesday to play football in a playful way. After the mini’s, the children switch to the Sporting’70 Champions League.

If you are you interested, you can register your child. You will automatically hear when you can join this fun group.

“Sporting has a lot of youth teams, boys and girls. And for women we’re growing as one of the largest amateur clubs for woman football.”

Senior Players

Football at Sporting’70 is not just for the young and fleet of foot! They offer Walking Football for older athletes as low-threshold training. Every Wednesday morning they train from 10.30 to 12.00. The club hope that with sufficient enthusiasm they can expand the programme with practice matches and fun events in the city and across the region.

When and where are training nights?

Training is on almost 7 days a week. See their web page for details. They are always looking for new players and members and are happy to talk about the club:

What about Women’s football, do you get enough support?

The KNVB supports Sporting women’s football to help them grow and become the best club for women in the Central Netherlands,

“because that is our ambition. But we would also like to receive support from well-known power women. They can be an example and inspire girls to persevere. We would also like to involve companies, to show that they support women’s football. There are many opportunities and challenges there.”

Are you interested in supporting Sporting’70 in this progressive mission? If you are do get in touch to discuss how you can help the club to move forward with their aims.

Photo permission of Liesbeth Arends

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Jon Wilkins

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