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The nominations for the Sportprijs Utrecht 2018 are now known.

Who will become the Utrecht sportsman, sportswoman, sports talent, sports team, sports coach, sports club and sports volunteer of the year?

The winners will be announced during the annual Sportprijs Utrecht on Wednesday 13 February 2019 in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

From January 8 to February 7, Utrecht residents can vote to determine who will win in the seven categories.

Nominations for Sportprijs Utrecht 2018 are:

Sportsman: Ilias Ennahachi (kickboxing) | David Harte (hockey) | Jesse Puts (swimming) Vote here.

Sportswoman: Lisa Bunschoten (para-snowboarding) | Dagmar Genee (water polo) Dafne Schippers (athletics) Vote here.

Sports Talent: Christopher Mamengi (soccer) | Keet Oldenbeuving (skateboarding) | Bram Steenaart (short track) Justin van Tergouw (darts) Vote here.

Sports Team: Kampong Men 1 (hockey) | UW & TC de Volharding (cycling) Vote here.

Sports Coach: Alexander Cox (hockey) | Willemijn Niemeijer (gymnastics) | Jorick Straatman (football) Vote here.

Sports Club:  MHC Fletiomare (hockey) | USV Hercules (football) |  USVV Odysseus ’91  (football) Vote here.

Sports Volunteer:  Sibren van den Berg, Emiel van Emmerik, Pam van de Bunt (HUP – athletics)  | Turan  Bilgin  (VVU Ardahanspor – football) Ruud  Heijsman  (Utrecht Dominators – American  football ) Vote here.

You can vote until 7 February. One vote can be cast per category. The jury and the public each share 100 points among the nominees.

In each category, the nomination with the most points wins the Sportprijs Utrecht 2018.

Putting Utrecht’s sport in the spotlight

During the Sportprijs, the Utrecht sport, both top-class and recreational sport, is celebrated in a festive way.

This is the time to thank not only sportsmen, associations and coaches, but also volunteers, family and friends for their achievements.


The independent jury assessed the various nominations and performances . The  Utrecht Sport Prize jury consists of:

Pim van  Esschoten (on behalf of the press / Utrechtse Sportkrant ),  Bert Kous (on behalf of RTV Utrecht), Marian ter Haar (on behalf of the recreational sport), Hans  Spekman  (former alderman of sport and Utrecht sports enthusiast), Niels Kerstholt (former short tracker and Sportsman Utrecht 2014 on behalf of the top sport ) . Ronald Hennekes  ( SportUtrecht ) was the independent chairman during the jury meeting.

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Jon Wilkins

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