Police action may disrupt Utrecht game

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There is a danger that action by the Police unions could mean there will be no police available for the Fortuna Sittard – FC Utrecht game at the weekend.

The police unions are protesting against the lack of an agreement with their employers. They will still be available for emergencies.

The police have chosen this game because earlier in the year, five officers were injured at the Fortuna PSV game in Sittard. They were pelted by rioters from both clubs with stones and building materials, which had been left nearby because of construction work.

According to the police unions, the municipality and the stadium manager refuse to change this dangerous situation with debris still lying around and that it consequently endangers the safety of the public and the police. The only measure that has been taken is to increase the number of police officers to be deployed. According to the Police unions, the mayor has chosen the easiest solution, and has not helped matters by increasing the risk to the police and by denouncing the actions of the unions.

On the footballing front Utrecht have loaned Giovanni Troupée to ADO Den Haag. Due to his good form, his place at FC Utrecht has been taken by Sean Klaiber. Troupée said earlier that he does not want to spend a season watching the games. There is no option to buy in this loan deal because FC Utrecht still have a great deal of confidence in Troupée and think he has a bright future at the club. They think the loan will be good for his development, and that it is better that he plays a whole season somewhere else, especially with the knowledge that FC Utrecht also has Mark van der Maarel as back up.

Image credit: Peter van der Sluijs [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

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