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I read that USVV Odysseus ’91 had been nominated for the Utrecht Sports award in the category ‘best sports club’ of 2018 so went back to Lisa at the club for an update on their season. She had their PR Chair email me the following article. It says lots about the club that not only plays football, but also supports charities throughout the year. Student athletes putting something back into their community. It’s a great thing!


“As you know our amazing club USVV Odysseus ’91 has been nominated for the Utrecht Sports award in the category ‘best sports club’ of 2018. We are very excited about this and believe that this nomination is very well deserved, since we’ve had a great year as a whole in 2018.

First of all, Odysseus had a great season from a sporting perspective in 2018. Many teams have exceeded their expectations and goals for the season. While the 2nd men’s team were able to raise the league cup at the end of the season, the men’s 8 were celebrating their beer competition victory in Odysseus’ favourite pub, The Rex!

The woman’s 1st team managed to end on a 9th place in one of the highest and toughest competitions of the Netherlands, accomplishing their goal of division preservation.

But not only on the pitch have Odysseus have a great 2018. As one of the core values of Odysseus, we strive to do something good for our society and community. As a student society we know that we are able to achieve a lot, and that is exactly what happened in 2018. Our committee, called ‘Ody Unites’, organized many events to gain awareness, raise money and unite people on kinds of subjects. One of the highlights was the charity match organized to raise money for be able to buy stuffed animals for children hospitalized in the Wilhemina kinder ziekenhuis  in Utrecht. After a match of 12(!) hours and all kinds of side activities, a huge amount of 9510 euros was collected!

As if this wasn’t enough, the committee decided to participate in the yearly event called Movember. This worldwide event is promoting guys to leave their moustache on for the month of November, to raise awareness of the deadly disease prostate cancer. Many guys (and even girls!) followed the committee, resulting in some beautiful, and some less beautiful, moustaches at the end of November. Next to the raising awareness, the brave moustache people also raised money. A lot of money. The counter stopped on the incredible amount of 3012 euro.

Next to all these great achievements in 2018 we believe that we also got nominated for our general yearly successes as a soccer club and student society at the same time. Every week, about 450 students are looking forward to Saturday, so they can do the thing they love. Playing soccer, having a beer with their teammates and participating in all kinds of voluntary committees to make Odysseus ’91 an even better club.”


If you would like to vote for the club, the link is here!

Take a look at the clubs web site here for more information





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