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Its been a great week for Kampong. The Senior Ladies team had a great victory over Amsterdam. This was most welcome after a number of losses in a row. Gigi Oliva scored from a penalty for the only goal of the game.

The Men’s team also won 1-0, but struggled to break down the defence of Klein Zwitserland. Shots flew by and at the goalkeeper or against the post, but  in the end it was Martijn Havenga who scored from a penalty corner for the decisive goal.

With the Men’s World Cup taking place in India at the end of this year, for the Senior men’s team this was for the time being the last league competition.

On Thursday, the Dutch national coach Max Caldas will announce which players will play in the World Championship.

At the moment there are seven Kampong players in the training group: Sander de Wijn, Robbert Kemperman, Bjorn Kellerman, Lars Balk, Derck de Vilder, Jip Janssen and Martijn Havenga. This shows the strength of the Kampong Men’s team.

So over the next few weeks, nine teams will play in the men’s league during the winter break and teams will play without their internationals. This is a great opportunity for the youngsters to get into the spotlight.

The Autumn competition programme will be:

28 October: Kampong v. Rotterdam

11 November: Oranje Rood v. Kampong

18 November: Kampong v. Tilburg

25 November: Den Bosch v. Kampong

2 December: Finals

The Kampong Ladies will continue playing in the Elite League on Sunday with a home game against Bloemendaal. On 4 November they meet Groningen.

They follow this by playing SCHC at home and 11 November. Then the ladies will play their indoor programme until the outdoor season resumes in March.

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Jon Wilkins

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