Financial crisis at Papendorp SVA

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Having cancelled last weeks game because of a lack of players, a lack of funding is now forcing Papendorp SVA to offer its canteen for sale to the municipality in order to be able to pay off its tax debt. The municipality has confirmed that they are in discussion with the financially ailing club about this. Papendorp, the former Magreb’90, has a debt to the tax authorities.

The tax authorities issued Magreb’90, which changed its name last summer in Papendorp SVA, a ​​claim for taxes to players. The management of the troubled football club, however, appealed against the level of that additional tax and that procedure continues according to lawyer Lamouchie, who assists Papendorp.

The club are in discussions with institutions in an effort to raise funds.

Chairman El Bachir Amenchar has confirmed they are trying to resolve the problems with the tax authorities. The sale of the canteen would play a role in this, but the president of the Utrecht football club does not want to comment about it.

As you will no doubt realise, it is not usual for the municipality to own sports canteens, but the municipality is the owner of almost all of the football fields in the city. The municipality does not want to comment whether it wants to cooperate with a sale that could solve Papendorp’s tax debt. There is are going to talk to them, but how they deal with them further, they cannot say a spokesman said today.

Papendorp, the former Magreb’90, got into financial trouble after chairman Najim el Houati was arrested during a training camp with the club in Turkey. The former president of the club was extradited to Morocco, where he was sentenced to  ten years in prison  for drug trafficking. El Houati has appealed against the sentence.

Under El Houati Magreb’90 climbed from the basement to the top of amateur football. After the arrest of the president, the flow of money ended and the best players left.

The club has since been relegated and it is likely to be withdrawn from the competition because it can no longer raise enough players for a full team. The club has two other senior teams and five youth teams in the KNVB competition.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

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