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There is so much sport of so many varieties going on in and around the fair city of Utrecht. You can spectate both indoors or outdoors. Who do you watch? Let us know.


Willem II 0 FC Utrecht 1

7th Eredivisie

RKC Waalwijk 3 Jong FC Utrecht 2

20th First division

Hercules 1 SV TEC 1

13th Place

VV DHSC 1 Roda ’46 2

9th Place

VV De Meern v. SVA Papendorp Postponed

VV Gemert 5 SV Meerssen 2

Top of the League

Ladies Football

WV-HEDW 1 Faja Lobi KDS 1

6th Place

Kolping Boys v. Sporting ’70

Vreeswijk 4 VV ‘t Goy 3

10th Place

Hercules 1 Young Saestum 4

6th Place

VV Maarssen 1  Jong Hercules 6

9th Place


UZSC 10 ZVL-Tetteroo 7


URC I 52 RFC Haarlem 12

5th Place

URC II 55. SRC Thor 12

Top of the League 100%

URC III 49 RC Delft 0

Top of the League 100%

RC Hilversum 5 URC IV 35

3rd Place

USRS I 29. Rotterdam RC 19

7th Place

Oysters v. USRS II

Delft SR-C 7 USRS III 10

11th Place

Womens Rugby

Castricum RC 33 URC 0

5th Place

AAC Rugby 95 USRS 5

8th Place

DomCity 10 Den WaHa Cheetahs 55

6th Place


Kampong Men 1 Rotterdam 2

Kampong Ladies 1 Bloemendaal 1

6th Place


Den Bosch 2 SCHC Ladies 1

2nd Place


BC Utrecht Cangeroes


HV Houten


Taurus Houten Men 1 Orion Doetinchem 3

7th Eredivisie

American Flag Football


Dominators 50 Crusaders 6

Dominators 20 Untouchables 0


Dominators 31 Wolves 0

Dominators 19 Barbarians II 32

Dominators 63 Wolfpack 19

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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